Regular Porta Potty

A standard porta potty is a self-contained, freestanding portable toilet unit meant for use at outdoor events, building sites, or any other area where typical restroom facilities are unavailable. The device is made of lightweight, long-lasting materials and has a robust frame and base that offers stability and avoids tipping.

Several Types of Regular Porta Potties

Standard Portable Toilet: The most basic sort of portable toilet, which is appropriate for construction sites, outdoor festivals, and other similar environments. A toilet seat, urinal, toilet paper dispenser, and lockable door are all standard features.

Deluxe Portable Toilet: A step up from the ordinary version, this porta potty contains additional facilities such as a hand-washing station, mirror, and, in some cases, a flushable toilet. It is frequently utilized for upscale events like as weddings and corporate functions.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilet: As the name implies, this sort of porta potty is intended for those with mobility impairments who use wheelchairs. It usually has a bigger entryway and more inside rooms.

High-rise Portable Toilet: This style of portable toilet is intended for usage on construction sites and other locations where the toilet must be elevated. It is frequently put on a trailer or scaffolding to enable employees convenient access.

Urinal Portable Toilet: This style of portable toilet is solely for guys and contains a urinal. It is frequently used on construction sites and other places where men outnumber women.

VIP Portable Toilet: This is the most opulent sort of porta toilet and is intended for high-end events. It could have air conditioning, stereo systems, and perhaps marble flooring.

Solar-Powered Portable Toilet: This environmentally friendly alternative powers the lights and ventilation fan using solar panels, decreasing energy usage and environmental impact. It is frequently seen during outdoor events and festivals.

Regular Porta Potty Features

The standard porta toilet has a number of features that are intended to provide maximum comfort and convenience to users. These are some examples:

A roomy interior: The unit has enough inside area to comfortably fit a full-sized adult.
Ventilation: The porta toilet has vents on the top and bottom to provide constant ventilation and decrease odors.
Lockable door: The unit’s door has a lock that offers residents with privacy and security.
Hand sanitizer dispenser: The device has a hand sanitizer dispenser to enhance cleanliness and reduce germ transmission.
Toilet seat and cover: The item includes a toilet seat and cover for a comfortable and sanitary sitting area.
Urinal: Some standard porta potties include a built-in urinal, which is convenient for male customers.

The Advantages of Renting a Porta Potty

Renting a standard porta toilet has numerous advantages, including:

  • Convenience: At an outdoor event or construction site, a porta potty provides a convenient and accessible restroom alternative for attendees, workers, or customers.
  • Renting a porta potty is less expensive than constructing a permanent bathroom facility.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers and ventilation are characteristics of porta toilets that enhance cleanliness and prevent the spread of germs.
  • Porta potties are available in a variety of sizes and types, making it simple to tailor your rental to your individual needs and requirements.

Dimensions of a Standard Porta Potty

Miramar Porta Potty provides standard porta potties in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of demands and areas. Our units normally measure 3’W x 4’D x 7’H to 4’W x 4’D x 8’H. Smaller units are good for smaller events, while larger units are ideal for larger events or construction sites.

When Should You Rent a Porta Potty

There are numerous instances in which renting a standard porta toilet makes sense. These are some examples:

  • Outdoor events: If you’re hosting an outdoor event, a porta potty gives your attendees a comfortable and accessible restroom alternative.
  • Construction sites: Because regular bathroom facilities are sometimes lacking on construction sites, porta potties are an essential component to any worksite.
  • Porta potties provide a critical toilet option for persons affected in emergency scenarios such as natural disasters or power outages.


In general, the normal porta potty is a popular and versatile portable toilet rental option that offers a convenient and sanitary restroom alternative for outdoor events, building sites, and emergency circumstances. The normal porta toilet provides optimal comfort and convenience to users with amenities such as ventilation, a lockable door, and a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Miramar Porta Potty provides standard porta potties in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of purposes and places, and our units are customizable to match your exact wants and requirements.

Consider renting a conventional porta potty from Miramar Porta Potty for a cost-effective, convenient, and sanitary restroom solution if you are planning an event or managing a construction site. Our skilled team is always available to assist you in selecting the best porta potty rental choice for your needs and to provide quick delivery and pick-up services.

Contact us today to find out more about our rental options and to receive an estimate for your next event or project.